Guaranteed rent

Have your rent paid by Summit Property every month using our Guaranteed Rent services. It’s simple… we rent your property from you using a management agreement, and then fill each room with our working professional tenants.

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lettings maintenance

With new legislation coming in every month it can feel impossible to keep on top of all your duties as a landlord. Let our maintenance team help; not only can they help you stay on the right side of the law with EPCs, gas safety, electrical tests etc., they can take care of those stress-inducing leaks, broken door handles, useless washing machines and the rest!

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Whether you require a little decorating or a full-blown renovation, Summit Property’s experienced building team can help you with your property needs.

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But you don’t have an office in Brighton…

Our staff either work from home or are subcontractors, allowing us to reduce overheads and pass those savings onto you, without reducing the level of service we provide. Plus, our staff are in Brighton nearly everyday meeting clients or tenants, viewing properties and drinking coffee anyway!

Do you have CMP?

No currently we do not have CMP

How much do you take as a deposit?

We normally take one month’s rent as a deposit, but if you would prefer us to take more or less we are happy to.

What happens at the end of the tenancy?

Prior to the tenancy ending we will contact you to see what you would like to do moving forward; whether that be renew the tenancy, allow it to roll into a monthly tenancy or obtain possession of the property again.

What happens to my tenants’ deposits?

All deposits taken by Summit Property are protected with DPS, Deposit Protection Scheme. Where customers use only our Tenant sourcing service the deposit is transferred to their account for them to protect.

What if I want my property back?

We will help you to obtain possession of your property as soon as legally and justly possible

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